portrait photographer
Toby Shaw

known for his dynamic and raw portraiture style using medium format film

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Celebrity and Wedding photographer Toby Shaw born in Hastings, East Sussex . he attracted attention by magazines for his timeless photos. With a background as an intern at British Vogue, Toby Shaw spent lots of his time working within the Vogue archive library out of bounds and only available to those working within Vogue art department. Because of his experience assisting top UK photographers this has shaped the style of his work to what it is today.,

Toby`s part in this memorial project is of upmost importance, as a born and bred Hastings artist, this natural light studio attracted him towards it .
Beatrice regularly shares her studio with Toby while he takes the best advantage of its natural light for his series of portraits of skateboarders ..

" coming into this studio is like coming home "

Toby will be in residence throughout the open times to offer a free jpg portrait with an additional opportunity to also purchase a high quality print signed by him..